Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back Under Quarantine

Brennan's queued up for another round of surgeries (hopefully his last for both his birthmark and his hypospadias) on Tuesday, September 8th. Learning our lesson from last year (when we missed our first shot because of an upper-respiratory infection), we've preemptively put him on quarantine for the few weeks leading up to his procedures.

That means: No kids club at the gym, no children's church, limited play dates (Lisa can't live without them), etc. Fortunately, the weather's warm so we've been able to take the boys to the pool (as well as our gym pool) and try to keep them active.

Until then, though, we'll be praying and hopefully avoiding any little bugs. It's bad enough that Brennan will be going through some of this recovery at 22 months -- I don't want to push it back another few months and risk him remembering even more of it!


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