Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shoot the Wabbit

Ok, so clearly Clay is the headliner of this show, but I wanted to take a moment to brag a little. I went rabbit hunting today with Jimmy and Matt and shot two rabbits -- saw two rabbits, fired two rounds, got two rabbits. This is a vast improvement over my first hunting trip two years ago, where I froze up as the rabbit strolled right past me. It is also an improvement over last year, when I finally pulled the trigger, but failed to lead the rabbit -- possibly grazing the very last hair on it's hare tail. To top it off today, Matt added a monster bunny to my two for a huge haul of three.

I think my skeet training on my birthday (thanks Dad!) improved my shot immensely. The shot felt natural and automatic.

So, this evening, we had the Rothells and Yagers over for a rabbit feast. The menu included Lapin a La Cocotte and Golden Fried Rabbit. Both were a big hit and a great ending to a great day.

Ok, back to more updates on Clay -- soon to follow (I promise!)


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