Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Blog Formerly Known as The Clay Show

It's official, Clay is no longer the center of the known universe. I'm hoping that he figures this out sometime in the next 16 years.

This afternoon, a very tired little boy made his way home with his parents and new baby brother, Brennan Donald. He's now napping it off, sure that it was all a bad dream.

In honor of the addition, the site has been updated to "The Brothers Boyer". A riff on "The Brothers Karamazov", I thought it clever. Of course, the Dostoevsky classic's central story is patricide, but we'll just let that slide. I can still take them both, and I think I've got a fighting chance for at least another 15 years.

If you've bookmarked, then you'll need to update it to point towards Alternatively, you can always bookmark -- that will point towards this and any future sites and make life simple. And no, there is no plan in the works for a version 3 -- at least not for a very long time!


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