Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brennan Donald Boyer

Introducing Brennan Donald Boyer. Brennan was born on Thursday, November 29th at 5:49 AM. His vitals were 19" and 8lbs 9oz. Lisa's first contraction was around 3:45 AM, so Brennan sped his way into the world without giving mom the benefit of an epidural.

Everyone's healthy and happy -- well, Clay's not sure he's happy. He's more than a little unsettled at the moment. But he does know who the "baby" is, and has been willing to pat his brother and give him the occasional kiss.

Lisa and I both liked the name Brennan. Brennan Manning is one of my favorite authors, but our Brennan's certainly not named after him. Brennan took his middle name, Donald, from his Grandfather, Dr. Donald Hagen. Lisa's dad was blessed (some might say cursed) by having three daughters, so we were excited to be able to pass along his name to another generation of boys.

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