Monday, December 03, 2007

Needy x2

My assumption was that the biggest challenge in having another baby was starting the clock again on taking care of a child that, initially, can do nothing for itself. Almost every day, Clay has become increasingly self-sufficient. He can walk, he can communicate (asking for things, responding to you). It's wonderful to see him grow and accomplish something new every day.

I could remember, however, when Clay was little more than a lump. A lovable lump to be sure, but a lump all the same. He ate, slept (sometimes) and filled his diapers. As the dad, there was little I could do other than to give Lisa a hand and change the occasional diaper. But now, he calls me by name, even helping out -- bringing me things, throwing things away, etc.

So, I was intimidated with the idea of turning back the clock on a new child and starting all over. My reasoning (clearly flawed) was that we could do it because Clay was so self-sufficient these days and that would free us up to spend more energy on Brennan. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Clay, it seems, is going to need a chance to adjust to being the big brother. Ever since we've come home on Saturday, Clay has been a mess. Now, to be fair, Clay was already a little bit of a mess. I'm afraid he's inherited his father's temperament. He's got a short fuse -- when frustrated he goes into meltdown and begins chucking things or banging his head. Since Brennan's come home, however, he's gone from short-fuse to no-fuse. The slightest hiccup and it's a full-blown-fit.

So, the reality is that, for at least the short term, Clay's almost as needy as Brennan. We can't let him out of our sight, he wants to be held all the time, and I'm spending most of my days following him around, picking up whatever he's knocked over or soothing him as he's thrown his latest fit.

Calgon, anyone?


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