Friday, April 18, 2008

He's My Brother AND He's Heavy

Brennan had a quick follow-up appointment this morning to get some vaccinations skipped at his four-month appointment. As part of his visit, they rolled him onto the scale again. This time he weighed a whopping 18lbs 4.5oz!. I took a look at the growth charts to see how he stacked up and he was (literally) off the chart. They had an asterisk for a footnote, so I scrolled to the bottom of the page and all the footnote said was, "Are you kidding me?"


Blogger Lisa said...

That is so not nice, Daddy! Poor little guy! (OK, not so little guy!)

18 April, 2008 18:41  
Blogger Sarah Rothell said...

He may catch up with Maddux sooner than we think!! Come on Brennan, I'm rooting for you!!! How tall is he scott? Lisa you are awesome!

19 April, 2008 11:06  
Blogger Jon and Kristyn Ritner said...

Get that kid off the juice. I am instituting mandatory drug testing at the Boyer house.

24 April, 2008 21:43  
Blogger Jonathan P. Burke said...

Dude, I had no idea that you all blog... so do I. We are so alike it's not funny...

21 August, 2008 15:10  

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