Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Brennan in a birthday hat.

Brennan turned a whopping one today!

Since we're trying really hard to keep him healthy, he's been under quarantine for a couple of weeks now (only a couple more to go). This meant no little pals over for his birthday.

Not to worry, I think he was sufficiently overwhelmed by the family we did have join us!

Yesterday we were able to have his Grandma, Grandpa, Oma, Opa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Kelley visit for presents and cake.

Brennan made out like a bandit, even getting his own firetruck ride to add to our stable of ride-on toys. This turned out to be a perfect fit as it's a little lower to the ground and he's been easily hopping on and off all day.

To Clay's credit, he tried very hard to celebrate Brennan's birthday selflessly. When I asked him all last night and today, "Whose toy is that?" while he was borrowing one of Brennan's new toys, he'd always respond, "Brennan!"

I did notice last night that he had put together a new scheme for getting extra time with his brother's gifts. Every time he saw Brennan open a new gift that he coveted, he'd proclaim "Brennan's getting tired!" As if, perhaps, Brennan should go to bed early and Clay would selflessly open the rest of Brennan's gifts for him (and test them all to make sure they were in proper working order).

In honor of his actual birthday today, Lisa's parents and our family headed off to the gym to play at the pool for some fun (and to get Clay "The Terror" Boyer out of the house). Everyone had a lot of fun and Brennan's making great progress in walking in the water and righting himself when he goes down.

Finally, please be sure to notice Brennan's "Walking for Dummies" bump on his forehead. In case you've forgotten, it's a family trait. All Hagen genes, I assure you!


Blogger Sarah Rothell said...

Love seeing all the pictures of Brennan's Birthday! I especially love the pics of him with the cake! Dig in buddy! Happy Birthday Brennan!!!!

29 November, 2008 21:09  
Blogger Jon and Kristyn Ritner said...

"Brennan's getting tired!"

Addy does that too, "Dad, I think Jack wants to go night night.."

Happy Birthday Brennan

02 December, 2008 20:36  

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