Sunday, November 09, 2008

I've Discovered Clay's "Carrot"

Clay after his race

So Clay has decided he likes running. Nay, he LOVES running. He participated in Lisa's YoungLives tot trot on Saturday and was smitten. On our way home from brunch after the race, he kept saying, "Go race now? Go race now?" I promised we would go running again soon.

This afternoon, he and Brennan both woke up much too early from their afternoon naps. Knowing Lisa was still in a serious sleep deficit from her preparation for the race, I offered to take them over to the local track and run off some steam.

Clay had a blast, and whenever he began to fade (mumbling, "Take a break? Take a break?") I'd just get several feet ahead with Brennan in the stroller and declare, "Brennan's winning! Brennan's winning!" Upon hearing that, Clay would suddenly find a fifth, sixth and even seventh gear and zip by us proclaiming, "Clay's winning! Clay's first!"

All in all, he ended up running 3 laps around the track (with some breaks in between each for dribbling a soccer ball).

I figure if I can get a 2yo to run 1200m simply by invoking his sibling rivalry, I can get him to do anything!


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