Monday, August 28, 2006

Teeth Definitely Arriving

P.S. -- Lisa would like me to point out that, despite my initial skepticism, there is now no debate on Clay's teeth. If you have the misfortune of receiving a good bite from him on one of your fingers, you too will have no doubt in your mind.

He's got two front teeth pretty well cut on the bottom of his mouth. This evening was the first time I could see them clearly. I'm not sure how long until they fully pop, but it should be soon.

He's also using them to dig into the spoon, making it a little tougher to get it back from him after each bite. The good news, however, is that he seems to be doing a better job of cleaning the spoon while he holds on.

Plus, Lisa's visit to the dentist today reminded us why we're praying he gets my teeth genes . . .


Blogger Jon and Kristyn Ritner said...

OH we are so jealous! Addy shows NO sign of cutting any teeth soon. You are doing wonderful if you have survived this process. We love you!!

29 August, 2006 19:42  

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