Monday, December 17, 2007

Dogs' Worst Friend

In the past month or two, Clay has taken a distinct interest in Winnie & Ginny. His favorite game is chasing them with his little push carts -- running them around the house and keeping them in shape. He also has found Ginny to be a useful stepstool for getting onto the couch.

So far, there have been no "incidents" other than a few growls from the dogs. We've made a point of trying to stay closer to them when he's on the prowl, but I think we'll be okay.

They've always been very "even keel", slow to anger and all that. They seem to understand that he's just a kid, and a little boy at that. Recently, he seems to be spending almost as much time hugging and petting them as he does terrorizing them, so hopefully we're past the worst of it.

In related news, I finally got off my duff and had Ginny tested for thyroid problems. She's been morbidly obese for at least a few years, and it was really beginning to affect her quality of life (climbing up stairs, etc.) We do a good job of restricting her diet, but she can't really exercise anymore and it was time to get it fixed. Sure enough, she registered a .2 on her thyroid test (healthy levels should have been around 1). So, we've got her on thyroid medication and expect her to be running laps in the backyard with Winnie by the summer. Shame on me for not dealing with it earlier!


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