Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodwill Agent

I have recently discovered a phenomenon: Clay is improving my social life. I enjoy taking him out shopping and on errands -- mainly to spend some extra time with him. As a fringe benefit, I've found that he makes being around other people infinitely more pleasant.

For the uninitiated, I'm a bit of a social misfit. I'm not much for, say, talking to people, interacting with people -- pretty much not interested in people. I'm the guy they had in mind when they invented internet shopping and self-checkout aisles. Get in, get my stuff, get out -- in as few syllables as possible. Think less misanthrope, more hermit and you're getting the idea.

With Clay in tow however, I'm a different man. He's pretty charming most of the time, and folks tend to be on their best behavior around him. They loosen up, they smile, they say nice things to him. As his father and biggest fan, that of course puts me at ease and the conversation just flows from there. I swear, I have had more conversations with random people in the last 24 months than I had in the preceding 30 years.

Chalk another one up for children improving their parents.


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