Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'll Take This One, Please

Lisa and I were discussing over the weekend the reality that Clay is growing so quickly. Of course, having Brennan around now makes his big brother seem infinitely older.

We both agree that, if we had the luxury of "freezing" Clay at a particular age, I think we'd want it to be right now. He is just so much fun -- constantly learning and accomplishing new things. He's attempting to say almost every word or phrase we say, and not doing too bad a job. He's understanding so much more -- you can ask him to get something or put something away and he's eager to please.

He loves to wrestle and play, to give hugs and kisses. He seems to truly enjoy being around us, but is also willing to go off and entertain himself when we're doing chores. To top it all off, he seems to be past the fits we were seeing when Brennan came home and we're getting a little break before the "terrible twos" really begin.

So, we'll take him like this forever, I think. That's an option, right?


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