Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where Were We?

Let's see. How does my blog template go? Oh yes, I begin by apologizing for the intervening days (weeks/months) since my last update and continue by promising to do better. Ok, that is out of the way.

The plague is slowly moving out of the house. First, Lisa came down with bronchitis. Next, Clay began showing symptoms and was diagnosed with the flu. Now Brennan's had a fever and the sniffles for about a week. I've felt like Prince Prospero for a couple of weeks now, just waiting for the next shoe to drop. I've been sucking down my GNC Ultra Zinc Lozenges and I swear by those little suckers. So far, so good -- it seems like the illness passed over me and headed directly on to my father, who received bronchitis and the flu! Fortunately, it seems everyone is on the mend.

Brennan has his four month appointment today. He won't receive his vaccinations because of his fever, but they will weigh him. I hope they've got a large animal scale in the back of the office because I don't think he'll fit on the infant machine! Last week, a few days shy of four months, he already weighed over 17lbs. I give Clay five more months (six tops) before Brennan outweighs him.

I've begun (affectionately) referring to Brennan as "Plumpelstiltskin". On the rare occasion where I change his diaper, I find it very difficult to discern where his bottom ends and his thighs begin. He's got a tiny little pair of cheeks, surrounding by several concentric rolls of thigh. Either he's going to have a massive growth spurt, or he's going to be as round as he is tall. Only time will tell.

He is a happy baby, though. I remember Clay as a smiler, but Brennan laughs -- constantly. He giggles, he chortles, he guffaws -- and it doesn't take much to get him started. He responds to tickling, bouncing, or a good long stare. All are met with joviality.

Clay continues to adapt very well to Brennan. He insists on kissing him good night, comforts Brennan when he's upset, likes to help get him out of his swing and loves tickling him to get him to laugh. His latest trick is "God Bless You". Everybody gets a "God Bless You" when they sneeze, but Clay makes a special point to bless Brennan when he sneezes (which has been all the time during the past week). In turn, Brennan can't take his eyes off Clay. He always turns to see what Clay is doing and is enthralled. It really is the most rewarding thing to see them interact, I pray that their mutual adoration extends past infancy!

Lisa and I continue to adapt to the new state of affairs. I spend most of my evenings taking care of Clay and on the weekends spend a lot of time with him at the gym and our pool. Lisa spends most of her waking life (and sometimes her sleeping life) feeding Brennan. He is still a champion eater (explaining his magnificent rotundancy) and that keeps her pretty occupied. We try and make a point of at least seeing each other once every other day, and I catch a glimpse of my bride over the dinner table on occasion. I expect things will settle in over the next couple of months as Brennan begins to sleep through the night and begins supplementing his feedings with human food.

Well, that should bring everyone pretty much up to speed. Remember, in the world of The Brothers Boyer, it's quality and not quantity!


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