Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small World

I was visiting a friend of ours, Kenny, when he introduced me to his brother, Scott, who thought my name sounded very familiar. He had graduated from Chancellor the same year I graduated from King George. Well, when I heard that I was pretty sure I could figure out how he knew me: some folks are famous as football captain or homecoming king. I'm that guy with the horrific accident at Track & Field districts in '92.

Well, I was half right. When I told him about my accident, he lit up and began telling me all the details of my accident. Details that time and trauma had stolen. You see, Scott was at the event. Done with his events, he was helping work the pole vaulting event. In addition, he was a member of the rescue squad. So when I came down and my leg snapped, he jumped on the mat to hold me down while a trainer stabilized my leg -- preventing far worse damage.

What providence that he was there at the time with that background! How awesome to run into him again nearly twenty years later!


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