Friday, October 15, 2010

William "Liam" Lazenby Boyer

William "Liam" Lazenby Boyer was born Thursday, October 14th at 11:47 PM (he couldn't wait 13 more mins to share a birthday with me).  He was 19", 7lbs 13oz -- healthy and sound.
Lazenby is a family name from my mother's mother's maiden name.  Now all three boys have "inherited" middle names.
Lisa's good.  It was another precipitous delivery (I had full confidence he was going to be born hours past midnight) but everyone's good.  She didn't get an epidural because of the timeline so while it was painful, the end stage was brief and hopefully her recovery will be smoother.
The boys are thrilled with him, especially Clay who has held him in his lap a few times and told me tonight, "I'm holding him because he's my baby brother, I love him and I want to take care of him."  We're very blessed.
I've been uploading lower res photos from my phone at the hospital and we'll put up more when we're home (likely on Sunday).  Photos can be seen at
Thanks for all the prayers and the facebook feedback has been incredible.  It's an unbelievable occasion to get well-wishes from so many wonderful friends spanning 30+ years.  Thank you!  It's been a great joy to hear my phone chirp and see another name from way back.


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